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About Us

Behta Darya Community Church is a place where judgement is left at the door.

Here we are challenged by living out the example of Jesus Christ in a world where life’s blessings and struggles are a huge reality.

Yes there is much to be thankful for, but we also live in a world full of brokenness, confusion, chaos, and suffering.

Material things can only bring you a certain amount of happiness and satisfaction. But what happens when you are in the midst of crisis? Like health challenges, addictions, family conflicts, stress or depression, or adjustments to difficult situations?

At times, all the wealth in the world cannot bring you the peace or comfort you spend a lifetime searching for.

Behta Darya Community Church understands the cultural dynamics of the Punjabi speaking communities.

We who are here have experienced these challenges at some point in our lives. Walking through the doors, we found a place where every soul matters to God.

His love flows freely from north, south, east and west – from generation to generation, for every nation, tribe and tongue.

God’s love is reflected through people, those who have a heart for the brokenness in this world.

The focus is on the least reached: the hungry, the lonely, the burdened.

Jesus said

“Come to me

all you who are feeling heavily burdened,

and I will give you rest.”