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King's Cubs

A Place for Kids

Kids (King’s Cubs) Each Sunday kids participate in our worship service. (Which is a key factor in coming into relationship with God). Then the children are encouraged to attend their classes where they learn about life, compassion and the love of Christ. We encourage role-playing, singing and dance, crafts, plays and other interactive activities to help build confidence as we learn together. Kids stay engaged by learning about respect, relationships and values. Each week there is a program focused on building their faith, their character and their journey as individuals.


Question…Think…Grow… all part of transitioning into adulthood.

The Youth are encouraged to partcipate on all levels here at BDCC. Charity begins at home – then taken beyond. There are programs that encourage mentorship, accountability and responsibility.

These can also qualify for the 40 hours of volunteer work towards secondary schools.

From serving food, helping out with set up/clean up, and helping to restore the communities by getting involved in selfless projects such as:

  • preparing lunches for the nearby shelter
  • contributing to the food drive
  • sending new toys and other items to children in need
  • cleaning up local parks
  • sharing in fellowship at local retirement homes during the Christmas season


Students' Meet and Greet



Daughters of Zion


International Students

May feel the stress of a new surrounding.

We offer guidance and advice, provide useful information on how to get around the city, come up with ways to build networks, and offer assistance on getting connected to the right people and places.

New to Toronto?

New comers are encouraged to get connected within the community where they can become familiar with steps on how to establish themselves.

Whether it means finding work, education, upgrading skills or simply needing a place to stay.

Outreach Team

Behta Darya Community Church understands the cultural dynamics of the Punjabi speaking communities. We who are here have experienced these challenges at some point in our lives. Walking through the doors, we found a place where every soul matters to God. His love flows freely from north, south, east and west – from generation to generation, for every nation, tribe and tongue.

God’s love is reflected through people, those who have a heart for the brokenness in this world. The focus is on the least reached: the hungry, the lonely, the burdened.

If you would like to learn more about BDCC and its projects, or would like to receive information on how you can contribute your time, resources or make a donation, please contact Pastor Vishal Rangha online or at 416-857-4039.

Future projects include and are not limited to:

  • Food Bank
  • Shelter
  • Counselling
  • New Immigrants
  • International Students
  • ESL