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What have you learned from being at church?

Shubnam and Monu, Mississauga Ontario

It is a meeting place
Meeting God and His family
Receiving peace
No rituals
Learning and growing

Church has taught me to have a heart for those in need. Because it is a place where we live out the love that’s being taught about in the Bible.
Being a friend and family to International students
Coming together and offering support when families are struggling

I came to know about the “Barnabas Fund” which is a pool of finances collected monthly by a group of committed church families and then distributed turn by turn and replenished each month for the next. This was created to help out families or individuals in need, not forgetting that all are accountable to each other.

We love how the church acknowledges milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new home, baby, marriages, etc…)
Love how the church comes alongside during times of difficulty (hospital, sickness, struggle, loss of a loved one).

Everyone plays a part in the church, and contributes without hesitation. In fact, many just wait for the next opportunity to help. It’s amazing how people come together to support one another.

It is different people from different backgrounds and walks of life, sharing many testimonies of what God has done throughout their lives.

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