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What’s changed since I started coming to church?

Anita, Mississauga Ontario

All my life I was a follower of Hinduism, and I never thought to cultivate a relationship with my creator.

Being human, we think too much of ourselves and for ourselves – in other words, we are selfish.

The world we live in encourages this thinking and so we are constantly reminded of this behavior. We see it and hear it everywhere, everyday. It has become a part of who we are.

I never had a thought towards church because I was not aware of who Jesus was. I actually assumed He was the one the western world prayed to.

Plus, I was content with all the material things why would I need anything else?

What did I need to go to church for?

I only came once because I was accompanying someone who needed a ride. I decided to enter and when I did, I was blown away at how much I was missing in my life.

I had been given an opportunity to sit and hear words of wisdom that have changed my way of thinking upside down, and inside out.

I continued to attend every week, and began to get involved.

What does getting involved look like?

Carving out time for others
Offering my resources to help those without
Thinking of the broader community around me
Coming up with strategic ways on how to help those in need
Using my talents and gifts for the betterment of others
Being a friend to the lonely
Exposing my vulnerability and not pretending that I was perfect
Not being afraid to show my flaws, because we are all weak
Holding myself accountable to what I had agreed to do
Holding others accountable to what they had agreed to do
Coming alongside those that are struggling and who need the encouragement

These are just some of the things that I had learned in the 2 years that I have spent so far journeying in my newfound mindset.

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